Saturday, November 28, 2009

Force Quiting Applications From Command Line

 I didnt know how to force Quit applications from the command line. Yesterday my friend(Ravi Jaya) taught me how to..!

$pgrep process_name (Type this in the command line, So the output will be the process id)

pid: 1245 (this is the process id)

$sudo kill -9 1245 (This command will force quit the application.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Configuring The TATA Indicom SXC 1080 USB Modem on Ubuntu

I had a problem with configuring my TATA Modem in my laptop. I googled a lot and found out how to fix the problem..
This is the way i configured my TATA Indicom USB SXC 1080 type modem.

1.Insert the modem.

2.Then click on the Network Connections icon, or go to System->Preferences->Network Connections.

3.U can See New Mobile Broadband Connection. Click on it.

4.Click next and Select the device as Tata Indicom (plug2surf) Connection.

5.Then edit the connection with phone number #777(It might be present), username- internet, password-internet, then check the "connect automatically" checkbox.

6.For the fist time the connection wont be establisted. Just restart the system with the modem plugged in.

Then you are done..!!!!

Connection will be established now..!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Where's Freedom?

Sitting under the wings of darkness,
I always think, "Why all these happens only to me?"
Why is my life in "full of darkness"?

Is there no 'mercy' on me?
If 'yes', why?
Why should i hav been born in such an 'orthdox' family,
Who would never encourage me to move out to 'explore' things?

Sitting under the wings of darkness,
I always think, "Why all these happens only to me?"
Why is my life in "full of darkness"?

Why should i be living in this world without having rights
to even 'think' of my own?

In my life 'someone' decides about everything, even the
way i should live,
Then y am i living still?

Sitting under the wings of darkness,
I'm still thinking "would i get some light to live"?

Will i get answers for these?
or wont i get at all?

I ask to myself "Will you get freedom to explore yourself?"
Yes, i'm still searching where is freedom...
When will i get it?
Or will i just die being a 'slave' in my lifetime?

Does anyone know answers for all these......?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why these people are still in "Stone Age"?

Yesterday got an advice from my uncle. He told my mom like this "Her blog is too bad, y she posts there? And the e-book, is really rubbish. There are stuffs like 'aishwarya rai', etc. wht is she goin to do knowing about all those people? is this the stupid way she is doin her project? what is she thinking of herself? She has given 'age', 'location', 'interests', 'photo', etc in the profile. Does she not know that this is wrong? And she has uploaded some pics of SFD in picasa, what is all this? as a mom are u not watching her?". After this, my mom came and started shouting at me..
I explained that" is purely for educational purpose, did he not see the commands it contains, (i also want to mention one more thing here - he is a s/w engineer), i'm 20 years old, still i dont hav any freedom to do anything on my own, you people are dominatin me". She didnt accept anything..
I really dont know what is wrong in posting in blogs... can anyone do anything with my age, location?
And whats the mistake in the e-book "presentations/di-git-ally-managing-love-letters.pdf"? i've made one thing- i've removed the photo..
Friends pls comment on this post so that my uncle when visits this blog can see the comments..