Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Experiences

I had been to the 2009, Bangalore.
I got a lot of experience there which i would like to share here..

I registered as a volunteer.
There was a volunteer meet on 30th november. I attended the meet, shilpa sequiera gave the instructions how to volunteer.
First i thought it was a tough job..!

Then the next day i was at the registration area. It was nice talkin with tejas, dafne, etc..
Then came my friend, Ramnish from Nellai, it was really nice talking with him, he was a Fedora user. I was hanging around in the venue with him for 4 days, he too taught me a lot regarding the command line and much more..!
I had a list of people whom i should meet within the 5 days regarding the project which i'm doing..

I met Ajuonline, i saw his GSOC t-shirt(!) went near him and asked about how to participate in GSOC. And the most interesting thing was, i used to hang around in irc channels where i used to see ajuonline, but couldnt recognize that it was him when i was talking to him.
He explained me how all i could enter into gsoc, he also told me to fix some bugs in the areas i'm interested. At the end i asked him for his mail id, only then i knew it was ajuonline(his id card showed Speaker: "Ajay Kumar")..! I was really surprised because i usually thought i couldnt meet him..!

The next person who impressed me was the cool guy 'Jon Philips', he gave a talk on I was a hall marshall of there. (Hall marshalling: volunteers are required to help ensure the smooth running of talks in each of the halls. They will be required to introduce speakers, take care of the hall equipment, and generally ensure that everything happens according to schedule).

Meanwhile i talked to Kishore Bhargava that i need to meet some web people regarding my project. He gave me a great idea- "Write on your id - 'Interests- web development'"! He told he could point out somebody.

Then the next person i met was Tarique Sani of SANIsoft. He gave me some ideas regarding my project. 
Two more web people i met were Avinash & Gopal, who both gave me some great ideas  for my project... Avinash was really cool..!

Third day, My laptop didnt boot, i left it in the hibernate mode, aft which i couldnt reboot it. It showed "Booting Error:Invalid environment variable", I couldnt fix it! Again ran for help- Kishore and Allen fixed it..! So nice of them:)

I was terrified when i thought "i dont know anything".

That day i planned to attend the KDE Project of the day.
The session started, i really enjoyed Pradeepto's talk, then the bug fixes, etc.
At the end of the session got a t-shirt too..!
Sujith fixed a bug in the 'bouncing ball' application. Akarsh Simha and Vinesh fixed a bug in Kstars.
The bug fixes were really awesome..! Inspired even me to fix a bug..!

I was amazed to see real foss people like this...!! The KDE Team inspired me a lot..

The last day, before leaving the venue, I met Sujith H of the KDE team.
I had a nice time talking to him..
After talking to him, i understood how friendly the KDE community is..!
I also talked to him about my inferiority complex that i felt that 'i dont know anything, all are from IIT, and prestigious colleges..'. Then sujith adviced me not to think like that..!
Here is one of my pic at KDE session, i'm on the first row with my friend Ramnish.

I also had a very nice time with the other volunteers like aslam, ramesh, etc..

With this, the next day i returned to Chennai, having a thought in my mind 'i should too do something before next year, and be one among the speakers..'

Waiting for the next!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Force Quiting Applications From Command Line

 I didnt know how to force Quit applications from the command line. Yesterday my friend(Ravi Jaya) taught me how to..!

$pgrep process_name (Type this in the command line, So the output will be the process id)

pid: 1245 (this is the process id)

$sudo kill -9 1245 (This command will force quit the application.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Configuring The TATA Indicom SXC 1080 USB Modem on Ubuntu

I had a problem with configuring my TATA Modem in my laptop. I googled a lot and found out how to fix the problem..
This is the way i configured my TATA Indicom USB SXC 1080 type modem.

1.Insert the modem.

2.Then click on the Network Connections icon, or go to System->Preferences->Network Connections.

3.U can See New Mobile Broadband Connection. Click on it.

4.Click next and Select the device as Tata Indicom (plug2surf) Connection.

5.Then edit the connection with phone number #777(It might be present), username- internet, password-internet, then check the "connect automatically" checkbox.

6.For the fist time the connection wont be establisted. Just restart the system with the modem plugged in.

Then you are done..!!!!

Connection will be established now..!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Where's Freedom?

Sitting under the wings of darkness,
I always think, "Why all these happens only to me?"
Why is my life in "full of darkness"?

Is there no 'mercy' on me?
If 'yes', why?
Why should i hav been born in such an 'orthdox' family,
Who would never encourage me to move out to 'explore' things?

Sitting under the wings of darkness,
I always think, "Why all these happens only to me?"
Why is my life in "full of darkness"?

Why should i be living in this world without having rights
to even 'think' of my own?

In my life 'someone' decides about everything, even the
way i should live,
Then y am i living still?

Sitting under the wings of darkness,
I'm still thinking "would i get some light to live"?

Will i get answers for these?
or wont i get at all?

I ask to myself "Will you get freedom to explore yourself?"
Yes, i'm still searching where is freedom...
When will i get it?
Or will i just die being a 'slave' in my lifetime?

Does anyone know answers for all these......?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why these people are still in "Stone Age"?

Yesterday got an advice from my uncle. He told my mom like this "Her blog is too bad, y she posts there? And the e-book, is really rubbish. There are stuffs like 'aishwarya rai', etc. wht is she goin to do knowing about all those people? is this the stupid way she is doin her project? what is she thinking of herself? She has given 'age', 'location', 'interests', 'photo', etc in the profile. Does she not know that this is wrong? And she has uploaded some pics of SFD in picasa, what is all this? as a mom are u not watching her?". After this, my mom came and started shouting at me..
I explained that" is purely for educational purpose, did he not see the commands it contains, (i also want to mention one more thing here - he is a s/w engineer), i'm 20 years old, still i dont hav any freedom to do anything on my own, you people are dominatin me". She didnt accept anything..
I really dont know what is wrong in posting in blogs... can anyone do anything with my age, location?
And whats the mistake in the e-book "presentations/di-git-ally-managing-love-letters.pdf"? i've made one thing- i've removed the photo..
Friends pls comment on this post so that my uncle when visits this blog can see the comments..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A sample GITORIOUS project

Create an account in gitorious and create a project.
Then add a SSH key.

Add a file called .gitconfig in the home folder like follows:

name = your_name
email = your_email
gl= "log --graph --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit"

Create a local repository for your project. ie., a folder in the name of your project.
For example: My local repository was "aish". Add all the project files in the folder.

aishwarya@aishwarya-desktop:~$cd aish
aishwarya@aishwarya-desktop:~/aish$git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/aishwarya/aish/.git/

aishwarya@aishwarya-desktop:~/aish$git add .
aishwarya@aishwarya-desktop:~/aish$ git commit
(After this command u fill find a text editor, type "first commit", then press f2 and y to save)
Created initial commit fb0e966: first commit
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 aish
aishwarya@aishwarya-desktop:~/aish$ git status
# On branch master
nothing to commit (working directory clean)
aishwarya@aishwarya-desktop:~/aish$ git gl
* fb0e966... first commit
aishwarya@aishwarya-desktop:~/aish$ git remote add origin
(This will be given in the gitorious project page)
aishwarya@aishwarya-desktop:~/aish$ git push origin master
Counting objects: 3, done.
Compressing objects: 100% (2/2), done.
Writing objects: 100% (3/3), 261 bytes, done.
Total 3 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)
* [new branch] master -> master
=> Syncing Gitorious... [OK]
aishwarya@aishwarya-desktop:~/aish$ git gl
* fb0e966... first commit

this is the e-book which helped me..

My project is here

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The packages i installed in my linux box

The following are the packages i installed and i've included the links and commands also.

Vlc player:

Mysql: sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.0

PHP: sudo apt-get install php5

APACHE: sudo apt-get install apache2

Compiz: sudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra emerald librsvg2-common

Unrar(to open .rar files): sudo apt-get install unrar

Chm viewer: sudo apt-get install gnochm

Software Freedom Day '09

This year the SFD was on 19th september.
The list of students who were going to participate in the various events were announced. what a surprise, i was there in the "python for scientific computing" stall. My group of 6 students were selected for going to the Birla Planetarium. We started working for it two weeks before itself.. though the topic was difficult, i took lot of programs, installed various packages and started learning..
There was also another group of the same stall who were going to put up the same stall in the college premises. so we 12 of us joined together. we did everything together.. We completed everything ontime..
On 19th morning we were in BP. We meet so many people.. gained knowledge..
it was nice being there..
the links to the pics

A lot of info about the other stalls and events are provided here

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun learning PHP

I thought of learning PHP.I really liked the language. I enjoyed learning.. i chose the NACE Academy for learning PHP.
Finished the course and now trying to learn the advanced concepts in PHP..

The Way I migrated to linux!
While learning php, I found I could work on linux well. So installed Ubuntu at home.. Then after installing all the software in it, I found Linux better than Windows!! Now I don’t switch on to Windows at all…

Software Freedom Day '08

It was in the 5th semester, i was called for the "DBMS" demo stall for the Software Freedom Day '08.
It was nice learning MYSQL. We won the First place in the stall, but what a great pity, the certificate committee members made a mistake. They wrote "winners" for the Python stall members and "runners" for the DBMS Stall members.. How sad...!!


Then it was in the month of february 2008, my name was there in the list of members going for the MIT FOSSCONF. The topic for the demo stall was "Linux Desktops". We started preparing about the Gnome and the KDE desktops.
We enjoyed a lot in the demo stall. I learned something new. But even then at that i was saying "I Hate Linux & Nothing comes like Windows".
Days went on, then after the end of the semester we finished the exams and said "Good bye" to Linux.

Linux- When i heard the word for the first time..

It was the 2nd year in college, i was called for the Foss Club Meeting.
I didnt know y i was going. All my seniors were talking about FOSS, LINUX. 
But i didnt really know what i was..!!
Then in the 4th semester we went for the Operating System lab. There i found out something different on the systems running. Then the lab admin told me it was Linux "RED HAT".

My project in gitorious

Finally i committed my project in gitorious..
here's the link..
It was Arun SAG brother who helped me a lot with the GIT commands...
And the ebook,

The Only God I Worship

My Sweetest Grandmom,
You are(were) an extraordinary
person on this earth....
You made me smile
when i shed tears..
You showed me the 'path'
when i knew no way to go..
You showed me light
when i stood in darkness...
You gave me the confidence to live
when i was in a state of dieing..
You stood for me all the way
in sorrows, giving your shoulder to me..
But now the only big sorrow for me is
"You've gone away from me"
"Grandma" is the word which makes me cry &
brings all the pains and sufferings....
Searching For "You", my beloved grandmom..
With lots of love and your thoughts,