Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Configuring The TATA Indicom SXC 1080 USB Modem on Ubuntu

I had a problem with configuring my TATA Modem in my laptop. I googled a lot and found out how to fix the problem..
This is the way i configured my TATA Indicom USB SXC 1080 type modem.

1.Insert the modem.

2.Then click on the Network Connections icon, or go to System->Preferences->Network Connections.

3.U can See New Mobile Broadband Connection. Click on it.

4.Click next and Select the device as Tata Indicom (plug2surf) Connection.

5.Then edit the connection with phone number #777(It might be present), username- internet, password-internet, then check the "connect automatically" checkbox.

6.For the fist time the connection wont be establisted. Just restart the system with the modem plugged in.

Then you are done..!!!!

Connection will be established now..!

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