Monday, November 5, 2012

Manage your MBA(Stress!)

 *This is an article which I wrote for my college newsletter Atulya.

            Hi guys! Hope you are all fine and in a fit state for the next trimester after the stressful exams! Stress takes a crucial place in our brains while doing our program. We've been late to morning classes, working all night, preparing for presentations (If you really work in the team!), studying for quiz, mid-term, etc. All this really means a lot of stress.

            Has anyone ever thought of ways which you could use to stamp out the stress you are experiencing presently? Have your ever thought of being like the ever cool people even in these situations? What do you think they've been doing? Its nothing but Smart Work.

            So, now you'll be thinking that the title should have been something else! Hope you all know the 20-80 rule. Let me apply that in a different way, 20 percent of Smart Work leads to 80 percent of the productivity!

            Classify your work into high and less priorities, talk less, don't give up your usual entertainments. Do your high priority work first. Concentrate on the work you do. You can finish up a 2 hour work in 1 hour with the highest level of concentration.

            Manage your time well and don't ever postpone work. We might be thinking that there's ample time for a work to be done. But we might end up doing that work in the last minute. Trying to avoid this mess would be a great help.

            Last but not least, don't skip your meals as it might badly affect your performance one or the other way. I've added this point, mainly because a lot of people here do that.

            I'm not here to tell you how to do Smart Work, but I want to remind everybody that only Smart Work will help while doing an MBA.


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    1. Hi Andrea! Thanks for the comment!! :)