Friday, October 9, 2009

The Only God I Worship

My Sweetest Grandmom,
You are(were) an extraordinary
person on this earth....
You made me smile
when i shed tears..
You showed me the 'path'
when i knew no way to go..
You showed me light
when i stood in darkness...
You gave me the confidence to live
when i was in a state of dieing..
You stood for me all the way
in sorrows, giving your shoulder to me..
But now the only big sorrow for me is
"You've gone away from me"
"Grandma" is the word which makes me cry &
brings all the pains and sufferings....
Searching For "You", my beloved grandmom..
With lots of love and your thoughts,


  1. Nice da... All Real words from deep of d heart.. :)

  2. yep pains more, when we miss somebody, whom we love much....

  3. oh don worry sis! she ill be with uu always ... right through as a god as u mentioned !