Saturday, October 10, 2009

Software Freedom Day '09

This year the SFD was on 19th september.
The list of students who were going to participate in the various events were announced. what a surprise, i was there in the "python for scientific computing" stall. My group of 6 students were selected for going to the Birla Planetarium. We started working for it two weeks before itself.. though the topic was difficult, i took lot of programs, installed various packages and started learning..
There was also another group of the same stall who were going to put up the same stall in the college premises. so we 12 of us joined together. we did everything together.. We completed everything ontime..
On 19th morning we were in BP. We meet so many people.. gained knowledge..
it was nice being there..
the links to the pics

A lot of info about the other stalls and events are provided here