Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life at PSG

Hi friends! No post for a long time!
I got into PSG Institute of Management for MBA programme after cracking TANCET 2011 with colorful marks 46.8 and an overall state rank 36 :) :)

The bridge between PSG Hostels and PSG College of Technology

My room!!!

And guys believe me, its just awesome out here!
The hostel, food, college and everything!!!!! Really about 1000000 times better than Jaya Engineering College, Chennai where I did my UG.
All the subjects were new! Starting from the first day we had classes till 4pm and then it started extending till evening 6,7, 8pm depending on the classes...
Apart from studies there were a lot of extra curricular :)
Schedules were really hectic, but still we had outbound training trips to Anaikatti and Pondicherry :)
With that first trimester got over and stepped on to the second trimester.
So life is well and good for now :)
This is Aish signing off from PSG IM, Coimbatore ;)


  1. Enjoy. :) Did you clean the room just to take the photo or what? :p

  2. @akilan :D hehe thats the way our room looked on day two of college! now it never looks like that! that pic was taken on 2nd day of our trimester.........