Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting into GSoC :) :) :)

Lemme say first, I got into GSoC last year ie., 2010. I really enjoyed it and this year I will really be glad to help my juniors getting into GSoC 2011.

Step 1 : Learning a technology well, like PHP, Python, Qt, etc. You should really have the required knowledge in the technology to atleast develop a simple application. This will be possibly very easy for those who are very good at programming and those who do some own mini projects. 

Step 2 : Make your hands dirty on a project which uses your well known technology.
For ex : I'm good at PHP, so I started learning about Drupal, Joomla and Moodle.

Step 3 : Choose an organization from the previous list of organizations (if the list is yet to be announced).
Start working with the project and get used to it. Start little coding too. Fixing bugs will also be good.
And please dont get disappointed if the particular organization isnt there in the list. This is because I was much comfortable with Joomla and Moodle, but those didn't participate in GSoC '10. But still you can choose accordingly later.

Step 4 : Start interacting with the community, ie., via the mailing lists and IRC.

Step 5 : Catch a mentor!! Yeah! Catching a mentor before applying is really a plus! This is how I caught my mentor http://lists.typo3.org/pipermail/typo3-dev/2010-March/039428.html See the next threads to see my first interaction with the TYPO3 organization.

Step 6 : Impress your mentor, once you've found one!! Then rock the GSoC!!!!!!

Something which you should keep in mind before applying is that, you much consult your mentor and mention his name in your application (only if you have asked him/her about that and if they are ready to mentor). In this case, chances of getting accepted is more.


  1. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  2. thank you for ur valuable guidance.

  3. Hi,
    Nice post. Is it fine if a person asks for a mentor even before the organization is selected? Im trying for nmap. Any info will be nice.

  4. @mayjune yeah, finding a mentor before applying is really good, see the mailing list thread which i have posted..

  5. Hi
    I want to do a GSoC in PHP.
    I am learning it now.
    Can you tell me some ideas on important areas,that I can work on,to excel in this language?i.e.,areas which has more importance currently.